ESADSE, dans le bâtiment H, Photo S.Binoux
ESADSE, dans le bâtiment H, Photo S.Binoux
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Mezcal Glass Design

Concours international

Catégorie : Concours
Publié le : 11 Déc 2017
Single category
Designer or a team of designers, students, innovators, creative firms, industrial design companies, mezcal producers and the general public.

The design of a glass for the consumption of mezcal that represents innovation on any level: new conceptual proposals, a formal aspect, manufacturing, manners of consumption, technological innovation, materials, etc...

Dynamics of the competition
The prototypes will be evaluated in two phases

First phase
In the first phase, the Mezcal Glass prototypes should be sent to the facilities of the Innovation and Design Commission, duly packaged, indicating the number of the participating project and complying with all the specifications and requirements established in this Call for Designs.
The projects presented will be evaluated by a Jury constituted of experts with relevant trajectory in the field, this Jury will choose 10 FINAL Prototypes, which will go on to the next phase.

* Final prototypes will be published on the competition web page with the project participation number

Second stage
In the second phase, the jury will select the winning Mezcal Glass prototypes from among the finalists. Simultaneously, the winning prototypes will be published on the Contest web page
The authors of these prototypes will receive a notification signed by the General Commissioner of Innovation and Design.

Assessment criteria
The Mezcal Glass prototypes will be evaluated in both phases under the following criteria:

1. Innovation
2. Viability and market acceptance.
3. Use of the Mezcal concept (creativity and congruence in the development of the theme)
4. Design
5. Prototype quality (quality of material used, use of non-perishable materials suitable for the function of the glass)
6. A capacity of 50ml or 1 ½ oz in the prototypes created.

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